Hire Nerdgasm

Hiring us is about as simple as choosing Charmander as your first Pokémon. We want to bring a community to your event, bar, restaurant, even coffee shop that may not know you exist. I mean how loyal are nerds? Star Wars came out in 77 and people still cosplay Darth Vader. It's all about bringing subjects even the closet freak wants to find a community to be able to talk about it to. The trivia is simple, runs about a hour and 15 minutes, just about as long as it takes to speedrun your favorite game.

About Our Start

Player One Video Game Bar is where the alpha began! Starting back in February of 2015, Nerdgasm Trivia at Player One has had a loyal following since day one. With a average attendance of 60+ people weekly, it can be a loud event where people are having a good time just getting to hang out with their friends, or it can be quiet because we've stumped them on a subject they thought they knew.

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